STMA enhances empathy and
delicacy as a distinctive element.

The company was founded in 2016 in Milan from an idea of the designers
Stefania Marra and Andrea Capiluppi.

The brand is distributed in various boutiques in Italy, China, Japan and United States.

The concrete and ancient approach of Italian tailoring meets the contemporary world of luxury fashion. The company selects only Italian fabrics and natural fibers,
creating a 100% MADE IN ITALY products.

The woman who wears STMA is a dreamer, free and with a romantic vintage touch.
A journey that starts from the fantasy imagery of the first Hollywood cinematography up to the contemporary atmospheres of the visionary Wes Anderson.

Stefania was born in 1984 in Milan, she graduated from the Carlo Secoli Institute as fashion designer and pattern maker. He moved to London,
became passionate about photography and architecture.
Back in Milan, she worked for years for prestigious style offices,
designing various international brands.
He realizes stage costumes for various Italian artists including Anna Oxa.

Andrea was born in 1985 in Milan, always fond of art and music he graduated as a Sound Engineer. He travels a lot and works for several musical tours.